What Selfmade Businesspeople Really Know



What Selfmade Millionaires Really Think, Know & Do

The Straight-Talking Guide To Selfmade Business Success

Please don’t be put off by the title. This book is packed with information, ideas and checklists. It is a must-read for anyone running a business today.

As the Independent says, “Bubbling over with useful ideas”.

Written by two selfmade millionaires, it is truly inspirational and covers many different areas including;

  • Ideas
  • Goals
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Selling
  • Negotiating
  • Leadership
  • Financials
  • Time management

I haven’t read another book that has as much information packed into one place and I am pretty sure you won’t regret the time you invest in reading it.

Find a copy if you can.

Good luck with your business.

Thanks for reading!