Here we have a few inspirational links to articles we have come across, which should help and inspire you to make your business a huge success

Best Advice For Women Entrepreneurs

The Top 50 Rules For Women Entrepreneurs

10 Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Learn

Other inspirational videos

5 Ways Successful People Are Different From Everyone Else

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Confidence

Success Is Helping People

Use Silence To Increase Your Power

Books to inspire, encourage and help you

Small Giants, Companies that Choose to be Great Instead of Big
written by Bo Burlingham, published by Penguin
My favourite book on business, about 14 quite different businesses who made the conscious decision to be great rather than big

The Richer Way
written by Julian Richer, published by Richer Publishing
A great book for anyone running a business of any size

How to Have a Good Day
​written by Caroline Webb, published by PAN
The essential toolkit for a productive day at work and beyond

Why Simple Wins
written by Lisa Bodell, published by Bibliomotion, Inc.
Escape the complexity trap and to work that matters

What Great Brands Do
written by Denise Lee Yohn, published by Jossey-Bass
The seven brand-building principles that separate the best from the rest