Employing Staff

Employing Staff

Your employees are the eyes and ears of your business. Use them well.

Consultation and participation

Talk to your employees. Find out what they really think and what your customers or clients are saying to them.

Set-up a suggestions scheme. Get ideas flowing.

The key to success is always how you treat people so they are motivated, productive and treat your customers well to keep them coming back again and again.

Always link results to rewards

A clever chap called Hertzberg found that salary is well down the list of priorities for employees; achievement, personal growth and the work itself are all more important.

The biggest cause of dissatisfaction (by far) amongst employees is company policy and admin. The business' management and the way they run the business is actually preventing them from doing their job properly, effectively and to the best of their abilities.

As your business grows bigger and you get busier, you will inevitably spend less time face-to-face with customers or clients. Your employees can help you if you let them and enable them to do so.