Building A Business

4 Steps to Help Build Your Business & Make it Better: 

1. Measure 
2. Monitor
3. Manage
4. Improve

If you measure and monitor, you can then manage, then you can improve.

Building a business

10 Things to Improve Your Business Today

  1.  Customers - feedback, feedback, feedback
  2.  Employees - find out what they really think
  3.  Review - look at the past 3/5/10 years
  4.  Get organised - look at your current procedures
  5.  Office in a box - sort out your paperwork
  6.  Regular bookkeeping - to help keep things organised
  7.  Management accounts - to let you see how your year is going
  8.  6 and 9 month tax-planning review - to estimate what your profit and tax bill is likely to be
  9.  Prepare year-end accounts in good time - and your tax return nice and early
  10.  Update your 5 year budget plan - is there anything that needs amended

For a more detailed information helpsheet with 10 points on How To Improve Your Business Today, please view our Helpsheets page.