Bookkeeping Plus

What is Bookkeeping PLUS?

Our monthly bookkeeping service for small businesses. Doing things monthly helps you run your business better. When you start measuring and monitoring something, ​you can then manage it and then you can start improving it.

You send us your income and expenditure for the month including any bank and credit card statements. We enter this information and reconcile any statements to ensure it is complete.

PLUS What?

PLUS a quarterly Financial Drivers Summary showing the important numbers you should know.

PLUS six and nine monthly Tax Planning Reviews to see what you profit is and look at the possible options to reduce your tax.

PLUS Annual Accounts and tax return prepared for a special price

Bookkeeping PLUS ... it just works

It's like having a full-time accountant working for your business for a  fraction of the cost of employing one.

Give Us A Try - We will even give you the first month FREE so you can try our services!

Save Time, Save Money - We do your processing so you can get on with the stuff you should be doing - like dealing with your customers, finding new ones and improving your products or services

Bookkeeping PLUS charges

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