Repeat The Make Your Business Better Mantra And Feel Happy


The Make Your Business Better Mantra

  • Monitor
  • Measure
  • Compare
  • Manage
  • Improve

If you don't monitor and measure, you can't manage, so you won't improve.


Customers – monitor feedback; good and bad, think of ways to get useful, quick feedback from every sale. Measure the number of new customers, number of repeat orders, number of complaints, number of compliments and compare to previous weeks, months, years. What is the trend? Is it positive or less so? What do you need to do to improve?

Employees – monitor morale; find out how they really feel and what your customers are saying to them, think of ways to involve them more so they feel valued, ask them for suggestions to improve current procedures. They are the eyes and ears of your business, use them well. Measure staff turnover and compare to previous periods.

Financials – measure sales, profits, cash, debtors, stock every month and compare to previous periods and your budget plan.

Go on, think about it while you are cleaning your teeth or on the morning commute.

* What would you like to do to improve and make your business better?
* What particular problems are you having?
* What do you need to monitor and measure to achieve the improvement you want?

Make A List

Make a list of 3 things you would like to do to improve things, and don’t surprised if you end up with a list of 10 things or more. It’s all good, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Prioritise the most important things and go from there.

Good luck with your business. Be happy ????

Thanks for reading!