Follow The Rule Of 5 And Help Make Your Business Better

The Rule Of 5

Rule 1 - Save Time, Save Money

Before you make any changes, stop, think, will it save time, save money, improve customer service?

Time is your most precious resource. Use it wisely.

Rule 2 - Customers, Employees, Financials

Always think customers, employees, financials.

In that order.

Rule 3 - Paperwork = Money

Think of your paperwork as pound notes; real money.

If you do that, you will do things better.

Rule 4 - The Financial Drivers, The 5 Numbers You Should Know Every Month

Sales, Profits, Cash, Debtors, Stock.

Learn them, remember them, use them.

Rule 5 - Keep Your Eyes On The Dash And The Road Ahead

What is happening now.

And what is likely to happen in the future that could affect your business, examples; changes to regulations, increases in tax rates, a new competitor opening across the street.

Stop. Think. Be Prepared.

Good luck with your business.

Thanks for reading!