10 Ways to Increase Your Sales

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10 Ways to Increase Your Sales

1.  Be better – improve quality of product

2.  Be cheaper – provide better value for money

3.  Be faster – improve delivery time

4.  Be nicer – improve your customer service

5.  Market niche – focus on small part of market

6.  Use the 80 / 20 rule – which products or customers provide the most sales?

7.  Make ordering and buying easier – less form filling

8.  More promotion – raise your profile

9.  Educate your customers – benefit of product

10. Communicate with your customers – new and improved products

The above is from my Helpsheet ’50 Ways to Increase Your Sales’ that has developed and evolved over the years from the original ’10 Ways to Improve Your Business Today’.

Good luck with your business.

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