Keep It Simple

Do The Basics, Have A Plan, Make A List

The difference between the successful businesses and the unsuccessful ones is successful businesses do the basics.

The basics are not sexy, some are not very exciting, but they will help you make your business stronger and more resilient.

A resilient business is a stable business. A resilient business is more likely to survive crises. A resilient business is one that has measures in place before a crisis hits.

  • Do the basics
  • Do them well
  • Keep doing them

What are the basics?

What are the key things you have to do for your business to survive and prosper?

Make A List
  1. Create a To Do list of the important things. Ask your customers. Get your employees involved.
  2. Every business is different. Tailor the list to what you need to know to run your business well.
  3. Split your tasks into daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
  4. Assign tasks to the most appropriate person.
  5. Measure and monitor the results. What gets measured, gets managed.
If you don’t measure and monitor, you can’t manage, so you won’t improve.

Good luck with your business.

Thanks for reading